Top Films About Education

True stories from life can affect people in different ways. Making films about a specific subject like education can inspire people especially students and teachers. Both Hollywood and world cinema are full of movies which are about education and its effects on students and societies. According to some people, a film or a book cannot change their life, but it could inspire their perspective in different ways. Being a student is a difficult phase in life, and watching a movie which is about a student who has problems in his/her life similar to yours, can make you feel that you are not alone. As a student, papers and essays can be your nightmare, but with a quick online search of top essay writing companies, you can find the right service for your work. In order to find the most suitable one for your essay, you can also search for bestessays review and academized review. Through these websites, you can learn different pieces of information about several essay writing services. After you solve your problems with your essays and papers, you can watch several films in order to inspire yourself. Here are the top films about education which can affect you deeply, and can change your perspective about school, teachers, and methods.

Dead Poets Society

Being one of the most famous movies about education, this film shows how a teacher can change his/her students’ life. Dead Poets Society tells the story of an English teacher who teaches poetry, with his own style in a conservative boarding school. While watching, you may think of one of your favorite teachers, or you can create your own technique to learn poetry with William’s character methodology. Since it became a blockbuster, it has influenced so many students and teachers about education, and it gave them a different perspective.

Billy Elliot

Studying art could be a difficult thing for some students because of their parents’ perspective on art and its fields. Billy Elliot tells the story of a young boy who wants to be a ballet star, but his father and big brother force him to be a boxer instead. Throughout the movie, the boy, Billy, struggles to learn ballet with his teacher who also encourages him. The movie can affect you in several ways, as a parent you may witness how your decisions can affect your child’s life, and as a student, you can understand the beauty and importance of art in an individual’s life. You may feel inspired by ballet and other performative art fields after watching the film and try something new that you have never thought about before.

Waiting for Superman

The documentary-style production critically addresses the US education system and its problems. The dilemmas of the education system, putting children's dreams and goals back, parents' and teachers' mistakes and roles are the main topics that the film shows. The education system is one of the most discussed issues in America as well as in many countries in the world. Through this docu-drama, you can witness the problems which you may come across in school or in the education system. It can give you a critical view, and through this view, you can start to change things in your path as a parent, teacher, and student.